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Configure your B-800 Microscope

Configure your B-800 Microscope

Configuration for expert users

Build your B-800 Microscope

The modularity of B-800 allows to configure the desidered solution, based on your needs and application field (brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast). 
Below you can find an interactive form that helps you to build the right model. You have the possibility to evaluate product details, choose each component, and at the end request a quotation for your customized model.

Create your B-800 microscope now:

First Eyepiece

Second Eyepiece (optional)


Main body


Second objective (optional)

Third objective (optional)

Fourth objective (optional)

Fifth objectiv (optional)

Sixth objective (optional)


First Condenser

Second condenser (optional)

First Accessory

Second Accessory

Third Accessory

Fourth Accessory

Fifth Accessory