EDUCAM MIC – 4083.5

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CCD camera provided with lens for infinity focus, and C-mount connection.

Camera up to 90x magnifying power to meet various requirements in the educational field, with direct connection to a TV screen or monitor.

Versatile and flexible, yet sturdy and stable at the same time, EDUCAM can be used as overhead projector, for the projection of drawings, as a camera for teleconferences, assemblies, meetings or as a camera for filming.
It ensures up to 90x magnifying power for any specimen and object.

It comes with 8mm objective lens to enable focus from 0,76 cm, up to an infinite distance and two adapters for video-microscopy (for biological and stereo microscopes).

Digital camera resolution: NO
Analog camera resolution: PAL 582 x 420
Signal output: PAL
Audio Signal: NO
Sensor Size: 1\3”
Sensor technology: CCD
Image format: 4\3
Full Image size: –
Frame rate full resolution: 50 frames\sec (analog mode)
Max Exposure time:
ON board Memory: NO
External Memory Card: NO
External camera power: 12V DC power supply
White Balance: Auto
Gain Control: Auto
Back light control: Auto
Exposure control: Auto
C-Mount connection: YES
CS-Mount connection: NO
Arm length:
8mm objective: YES

Accessories included: SCART for TV plug, 23mm eyepiece tube adapter and 30mm ring adapter for microscopes


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