Observation mode: Brightfield, incident light.
Stand: Base dimensions: 320x260mm. Vertical column with precision rack
Rack range: 225mm.
Camera: 1/3” CMOS 4MP HDR Camera.
Objective: Zoom objective, 0.7x – 5.0x with click stops.
Auxiliary Lenses:
– 0.5x (185mm working distance)
– 1.0x (105mm working distance)
– 1.4x (110mm working distance).
Screen: 11.5” Full HD HDMI LCD Screen.
– HDMI video output
– USB 2.0 for mouse connection
– mini USB
– Sd Card port for image/video storing.
Double LED Ring with separate brightness control.
Accessories (Included):
1.5m USB cable, Wireless Mouse, 8GB SD card,
30 cm HDMI cable and Power supply.



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