OPTIKAM FAST3 represents a great product when inspecting moving samples, providing the latest technology in terms of USB connection.
It works with USB3.0 technology, and enables an incredibly high speed live-view, since it is much faster in transferring data than standard USB2.0 cameras.

Another key benefit of this camera is the extremely reliable color fidelity, a valuable feature especially when performing tests based on colors evaluation.

OPTIKAM FAST3 has a highly-performing CMOS sensor and has to be connected to the trinocular port (via C-Mount connection).
Optika IS View and Optika Vision Lite softwares are included.



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A new generation camera, equipped with USB3.0 technology for
premium performance in terms of high speed during live view.
High speed and high frame rate microscopy cameras are best for viewing live images
that may be moving or if video capture is required.
The extremely reliable color fidelity enables this camera to be the perfect
response even when colors must be respected.


Model: OPTIKAM FAST3 – 4083.F33

C-mount 3 MP camera with CMOS sensor and high speed USB3.0 technology, provided with OPTIKA Vision Lite and OPTIKA IS View softwares.