OPTIKAM HDMI Series is composed by high-definition cameras , allowing to capture the highest quality images through a simple connection to TV, PC monitor or projector (via HDMI and USB).

The comprehensive range offers different resolutions (up 6 MP).

This series is the perfect reponse for various applications in educational field, in industrial quality control and in all laboratories.

Choose to connect them on the eyepiece tube (by using the dedicated eyepiece adapter) or on the trinocular port (CS and C-Mount, depending by the model).

Cameras are provided with SD card to enable images and video capturing and with Optika Is View or/and Optika Vision Lite softwares ( depending by the model).


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HDMI is built to accommodate extremely high-resolution video and deep color, with an extremely reliable color fidelity.

One cable does it all!
HDMI technology transmits crystal-clear digital video, multi-channel surround audio, and advanced control data through a single cable.
One HDMI cable can replace as many as eleven older cables, making the connection much easier.
You won’t find that level of elegant simplicity in any other connection.


Model: OPTIKAM HDMI Easy – 4083.13E

5 MP USB and HDMI (720p) camera in once with CMOS sensor with automatic settings and driver-free for simplified use, provided with OPTIKA Vision Lite.


Model: OPTIKAM HDMI Pro – 4083.13

6 MP USB and full HD HDMI (1080p) camera with CMOS sensor. Mouse-controlled and live measurements for high performance, provided with OPTIKA Vision Lite and OPTIKA IS View softwares.