X Series

OPTIKA X Series has been designed to handle and observe samples of any dimension. These industrial microscopes incorporate several complex designs with the aim to improve resolution and sample contrast. From models designed for routine analysis up to models dedicated to industrial laboratory and quality control, they can satisfy every demand in this field.

Monocular and a binocular versions are available, with different capabilities in terms of magnification, working distance, stand and illumination system.


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» Perfect for all routine applications
» Valuable solutions for routine laboratory needs
» High precision resource for industrial & materials applications


Model: XC-100L

Portable microscope but also an multifunctional testing instrumet for applications where magnifying-glasses are not good enough, such as quality control in mechanical, engraving and printing industry. It has to be used directly on the specimen to be inspected and it is equipped with WF10x/15.5mm micrometric eyepiece with cross divided into 0.1 millimeter. Powered by an inclined adjustable xenon penlight.


Model: XZ-1

Bench-top monocular microscope offering reliable image information in 2D and 3D, being ideal for measuring and viewing surfaces with a zoom objective. It comes with WF10x/18mm micrometric eyepiece with cross divided into 0.1 millimeter and a double lighting unit with halogen incident and transmitted light.


Model: XZ-2

Bench-top binocular microscope offering reliable image information in 2D and 3D, being ideal for measuring and viewing surfaces with a zoom objective. It comes with a CCD camera (380 lines), 8” TFT LCD screen and LED ring light generator with brightness control for incident illumination.

Microscopes For Industry And Quality Control – XC-100L / XZ-1 / XZ-2