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EDUCAM USB, CCD camera for PC-TV, multi-plug

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Long-arm USB2.0 multimedia camera with low resolution (0.3 MP) to meet various requirements in the educational field.
Versatile and flexible, yet sturdy and stable at the same time: direct connection to TV screen / monitor in addition to the PC, it can be used as overhead projector, for the projection of drawings, as a camera for teleconferences, assemblies, meetings or as a camera for filming.
Up to 90x magnifying power for any specimen and object with 8mm objective lens enables focus from 0.76 cm up to an infinite distance. Extremely sensitive microphone to record voices/sounds.
Ready to use on any microscope with direct tube connection, thanks to the projection lens and 30mm ring included.
Downloadable, free of charge software (Windows) is always available to enable the latest updates.


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