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Simple eyepiece camera with CCD sensor and 420 TV Lines.

TV eyepiece camera system,with fixed lens.

Digital camera resolution: NO
Analog camera resolution: PAL 582 x 420
Signal output: PAL
Audio Signal: NO
Sensor Size: 1\3”
Sensor technology: CCD
Image format: 4\3
Full Image size: –
Frame rate full resolution: 50 frames\sec (analog mode)
Max Exposure time:
ON board Memory: NO
External Memory Card: NO
External camera power: 12V DC power supply
White Balance: Auto
Gain Control: Auto
Back light control: Auto
Exposure control: Auto
C-Mount connection: NO
CS-Mount connection: NO
Arm length:
8mm objective: YES

Accessories included: 23mm to 30mm or 30.5mm ring adapters for microscopes, SCART for TV plug



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