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User-friendly eyepiece camera to be combined with any microscope

• Direct connection into the eyepiece tube instead of one of the eyepieces (23mm, 30mm & 30.5mm diameter)
• No additional adapters required
• Very useful for educational purposes
• Removable miniUSB cable
• Includes the user-friendly and intuitive OPTIKA Pro View & OPTIKA Lite View.

Digital camera resolution: 2 MP
Analog camera resolution: NO
Signal output: USB 2.0
Audio Signal: NO
Sensor Size: 1\3.2”
Sensor technology: CMOS
Image format: 4\3
Full Image size: 1600 x 1200
Frame rate full resolution: 5 fps (1600×1200) / 7,5 fps (1280×1024) / 22fps (640×480)
Max Exposure time:
ON board Memory: Auto
External Memory Card: NO
External camera power: PC USB
White Balance: Auto
Gain Control: Auto
Back light control: Auto
Exposure control: Auto
C-Mount connection: NO
CS-Mount connection: NO
Arm length:
8mm objective: NO

Accessories included: 30 mm and 30.5 mm ring adapters for built-in 23mm eyepiece adapter, USB cable.


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