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IM-7 represents the best of what Optika dedicates to the world of research. This model was created to meet all the needs related to research in life science and designed to be complemented by a series of packages dedicated to more advanced individual applications. For all intents and purposes, IM-7 is to be considered as an inverted imaging platform, due to its high expandability and state-of-the-art quality.

Optical system:
Infinity corrected.
Type: Trinocular (Siedentopf); Inclination 45°; Interpupillary distance 47-78 mm; Tube inner diameter 30 mm; Built-in Bertrand lens.
Photo tubes:

Trino Port/Binocular: 100/0 ; 50/50 ; 0/100; Left Side Port/Binocular: 100/0 ; 0/100.; Right Side Port/Binocular: 100/0; 20/80.
PLAN WF10x/25 mm, high eyepoint and with built-in rubber cups; focusable.
Sextuple ball bearings revolving nosepiece, reversed; DIC slots fo all positions.
Infinity corrected; 60 mm parfocal distance; All with anti-fungus treatment; Selectable according to customer’s preferences (see objective table).
Magnification changer:
1x, 1.5x
Specimen stage:
340×230 mm, three-layers mechanical stage; 130×85 mm moving range; Moving mechanism: Rack and pinion (flexible knob); Holder for Petri dish, 160×110 mm; Holder for Terasaki plate (96 well); Holder for 1 slide. Anti-scratch painting.
Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with limit stop to prevent the contact between objective and specimen; Adjustable tension of coarse focusing knob; 10 mm coarse total travel; Coarse travel per single rotation: 2 mm; Fine travel per single rotation: 0.2 mm; Fine graduations: 100; Fine resolution: 2 μm.
Koehler type, 6-position, focusable, centrable; N.A. 0.55; Iris diaphragm; Phase contrast positions: 10x PH, 20x PH, 40x PH (rings included); DIC positions: DIC1 (10x), DIC2 (20x, 40x, 60x) (prisms not included); 26 mm working distance.
Transmitted illumination (Full Koehler):
X-LED10; 10W LED, high efficiency, 6000K; Brightness control; 65.000-hour lifetime.
Incident illumination:
Upgradable to Incident Fluorescence illumination through the purchase of the components indicated in the fluoscence package table.
Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
Upgradable to DIC through the purchase of the components indicated in the DIC package table.



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Images are for illustrative purposes only

IM-7 represents the best of what Optika dedicates to the world of research.
This model was created to meet all the needs related to research in life science and designed to be
complemented by a series of packages dedicated to more advanced individual applications.
For all intents and purposes, IM-7 is to be considered as an inverted imaging platform, due to its
high expandability and state-of-the-art quality.

Top-level of optical equipment among our product range provides a sharp and clear view in any situation,
while top-level mechanical design offers sturdiness and long lifetime.

Images are for illustrative purposes only


Transmitted brightfield illumination is one of the most commonly used observation
method in optical microscopy, and is ideal for fixed, stained specimens or other
types of samples having high natural absorption of visible light.
IM-7 is fitted with high-efficiency LED brightfield illuminator, for the best
outcome when using this technique.

Capsella middle embry – Brightfield



Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) is a microscopy technique that introduces
contrast to images of specimens which have little or no contrast when observed
using brightfield microscopy. The images produced using DIC have a pseudo
3D-effect, making the technique ideal for many applications.
DIC produces high resolution images with good contrast. It is best for
observing unstained samples.

Sphagnum pores g – DIC


The fluorescence microscopy is the most demanding
technique in biology and biomedical sciences, as well as in
materials science.
This method is capable to study organic and inorganic
samples thanks to primary fluorescence (auto-fluorescence)
or secondary (staining and labelling with fluorochromes)
IM-7 is tailored for applications in research, clinical and
pharmaceutical diagnostic field.
Fluorescence illuminators available as mercury lamp.

Cotton fibers – UV Fluorescence



Phase-contrast microscopy is a particular technique applied in transparent, non-stainable, samples like culture of living cells, microorganisms, lithographic patterns, latex dispersions, fibers, asbestos and subcellular particles.
It reveals many cellular structures that are not visible with a simple brightfield microscope.

Diatoms – Phase contrast

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Revolving nosepiece for DIC and Fluorescence filter turret

The six-position nosepiece has a slot (in each of the six positions) for inserting DIC prisms.
The filter turret can hold up to six fluorescence filterblocks.
It is easily extractable, in order to facilitate the operation of inserting or replacing the filterblocks.

Mechanical stage and universal condenser

The wide 3-layer mechanical stage comes with several interchangeable plates for the use of Petri dishes, flasks and slides. The movement of the stage is controlled by a long tilting handle equipped with a pair of knobs for X/Y axes.
The universal condenser is a 6-position type, designed for brightfield, phase contrast and DIC.


Illuminator arm

The arm of the transmitted illuminator is backward tilting up to 30 degrees and it allows to use flasks and big bottles.

Main photo tube and Bertrand lens

The main photo tube located on the binocular head is easily controllable by using its control knob. 3 positions selectable:
100/0, 50/50, 0/100.
For phase contrast centering operations a Bertrand lens is available and it can be easily inserted by means of a dedicated knob.


Fluorescence equipment

A complete package of accessory dedicatd to Fluorescence technique is available as option.

Fluorescence filterblocks

In addition to the four standard fluorescence B-G-V-UV filterblocks, many others are available upon request to satisfy every kind of need.


1 – Main photo tube, on binocular head
2 – Handle, for transportation
3 – Handle, for transportation
4 – Transmitted illuminator switch
5 – Fluorescence illuminator switch
6 – Magnification changer, 1x-1.5x
7 – Right side photo tube
8 – Universal condenser, for brightfield, PH and DIC
9 – Binocular head, with standard WF10x/22mm eyepieces or WF10x/25mm (optional)
10 – Slots for field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm, ND filters

11 – Input port for fluorescence illuminator
12 – Left side photo tube
13 – Side photo tubes control (100/0 ; 20/80 ; 0/100)
14 – Main photo tube control (100/0 ; 50/50 ; 0/100)
15 – Bertrand lens insertion control
16 – Main switch
17 – Slot for analyzer
18 – Focusing knobs
19 – 3-layer mechanical stage
20 – Transmitted illuminator brightness control

IM-7 – Objectives/Application Packages

IM-7 is freely configurable in terms of objectives, by choosing among:
Infinity-corrected Semi-Apochromatic, Long Working Distance objectives, field flatness up to F.N. 25.
Objectives 20x, 40x, and 60x feature a correction collar in order to compensate for various thicknesses of cover glasses or different containers.

– M-1320 IOS U-PLAN F (SEMI-APO) PH 4x/0.13, W.D. 16.5 mm, Cover glass
– M-1321 IOS U-PLAN F (SEMI-APO) PH 10x/0.3, W.D. 7.4 mm, Cover glass 1.2 mm
– M-1322 IOS U-PLAN F (SEMI-APO) PH 20x/0.45, W.D. 7.5 – 8.8 mm, Cover glass 0 – 2 mm
– M-1323 IOS U-PLAN F (SEMI-APO) PH 40x/0.60, W.D. 3.0 – 4.4 mm, Cover glass 0 – 2 mm
– M-1324 IOS U-PLAN F (SEMI-APO) PH 60x/0.70, W.D. 1.8 – 2.6 mm, Cover glass 0.1 – 1.3 mm


HBO Fluorescence package:

– M-1330 EPI Fluorescence internal attachment
– M-151.1 OSRAM 100W HBO high pressure mercury bulb
– M-1332 HBO Lamp house
– PS-HBO Optika 100W HBO power supply
– M-1334 6-position fluorescence filterbox turret
– M-1335 UV protector orange shield
– M-1336 B filterblock, filters included
– M-1337 G filterblock, filters included
– M-1338 V filterblock, filters included
– M-1339 UV filterblock, filters included
– M-1340 Aperture diaphragm slider
– M-1341 Field diaphragm slider
– M-1342 Slider with neutral density filter for HBO illumination
– M-1343 Empty fluorescence filterblock

M-1336: B (Blue)
Excitation filter (nm): 460 – 490
Dichroic cut-off mirror (nm): 505
Emission filter (nm): 515LP
M-1337: G (Green)
Excitation filter (nm): 510 – 550
Dichroic cut-off mirror (nm): 570
Emission filter (nm): 575LP
M-1338: V (Violet)
Excitation filter (nm): 385 – 425
Dichroic cut-off mirror (nm): 440
Emission filter (nm): 455LP
M-1339: UV (Ultraviolet)
Excitation filter (nm):  325 – 375
Dichroic cut-off mirror (nm): 415
Emission filter (nm): 435LP


DIC – Differential Interference Contrast package:

– M-1350 DIC Prism for 10x
– M-1351 DIC Prism for 20x
– M-1352 DIC Prism for 40x
– M-1353 DIC prism for 60x
– M-1354 DIC 1 prism 10x for condenser
– M-1355 DIC 2 prism 20x-40x-60x for condenser
– M-1356 Slider with rotating analyzer