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Professional lighting system including 96 LEDs for enhanced light uniformity and brightness, and built-in rotating polarizing filter and analyzer filters for complete polarization, ideal to reduce glares and reflections when viewing metallic parts.
Provided with on-board intensity level adjustement.
Diameter of the fixing ring: 60mm.
Color temperature: pure white 6,300 K.
Illuminance: 9,000 lux (at 10 cm distance).


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The CL-18 polarizing LED ring light is generally required in order to reduce glare on metallic samples. it is equipped with an analyzer located in the center of the ring light and a rotatable polarizer that can be cross-polarized. By rotating the polarizer at different angles, glares and reflections are reduced.
CL-18 is strongly recommended for inspecting circuit boards, metallic objects and metallic parts that might produce a lot of glares, hiding precious details of the specimen.