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Hand Refractometer, 0-20% Brix, ATC, Built-in LED Illuminator.
Recommended for fruit juice analysis.

Measure range:
0-20% Brix.
Min. Div:
0.1% Brix.
±0.10 Brix


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HR Refractometer

The refractive index of a substance is related to its specific density; a refractometer is used to measure the purity or the concentration of a sample when mixed.
Refractometers are suitable for a wide range of applications, which includes the control of blend ratios in light industrial applications and represents the ideal solution for users working in the food industry.

» Value for money solution
» Easy operation
» Built-in LED illumination
» Brix or scale specific (including ATC)
» Sturdy construction with rubber handgrip

Automatic Temperature Compensation

No need to worry about temperature
change during your measurement.