Drivers & Software Download

Current Cameras

Before proceeding with the software installation, please check the “Software Function list” to identify the most suitable software for your needs. Click on the corresponding URL for download the software. Then double click on the setup.exe file to start the installation of the software. Please install also the driver if you find the “driver” folder.



Icon Optikaproview - 49.461 KB 
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Mac OS
Icon Optikamac - 13.004 KB 


To combine OPTIKA cameras to non-OPTIKA software:

4083.Wifi , 4083.4 and 4083.EC2 work with Vision Lite only.
Cameras with HDMI connection only, do not require any software; C-HP works with PROVIEW only, isn’t compatible with Linux and MAC OS..

Cameras Discontinued

How to recognize the serial number of your instrument?

Identify the serial number of your camera and click on the corresponding range to download the latest version of drivers and software to be always updated!

Serial Number Identification

The serial number is printed on a silver label on the camera, as shown in the picture above. Alternatively, it is printed on the purchase invoice.


Model OPTIKAM B1 (4083.B1)

from 263647 to 348300 – CD version 1.7  -> Download
from 348301 to 400000 – CD version 2.0  -> Download
from 400000 to 5xxxxx – CD version 3.1  -> Download

Model OPTIKAM B3 (4083.B3)

from 263647 to to 348980 – CD Version 1.7 -> Download
from 348981 to to to 5xxxxx – CD Version 2.0 -> Download

Model OPTIKAM B5 (4083.B5)

from 263647 to 330734 – CD Version 1.7 -> Download
from 330735 to 5xxxxx – CD Version 2.0 -> Download

Model OPTIKAM B9 (4083.B9)

from 263647 to 344548 – CD Version 1.7 -> Download
from 344549 to 5xxxxx – CD Version 2.0 -> Download