IM-5 Phase Contrast

OPTIKA IM-5 is a new inverted research microscope producing brilliant images for the examination of living cells, organisms and several other specimens in large flasks, combining brightfield, darkfield and phase contrast techniques for the most demanding users.

This inverted research microscope drives to new horizons providing Köhler condenser, ergonomic handy controls and significant unique features, such as the highest F.O.V. available on an inverted microscope (F.N. 24 mm).

IM-5 is freely configurable in terms of objectives, by choosing among:
– IOS LWD W-PLAN (Plan-Achromatic LWD for brightfield, F.N. 22)
– IOS LWD W-PLAN PH (Plan-Achromatic LWD for phase contrast, F.N. 22)
– IOS LWD U-PLAN F (Semi-Apochromatic LWD for brightfield, F.N. 25)
– IOS LWD U-PLAN F PH (Semi-Apochromatic LWD for phase contrast, F.N. 25)


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The F.O.V. (field of view) of IM-5 Series is based on a very comfortable diameter of 24mm, being the largest available on the market on its category. A natural and easy view is ensured, especially to view a bigger area and inspect the specimen much faster.

Multiple Observation Methods Available

IM-5 means extreme flexibility.
In fact, brightfield, phase contrast and darkfield techniques can be used at any time, to highlight different aspects of your specimen.

Here you can see a Vitamin C, sample, seen under (from top to bottom): Brightfield, Darkfield and Phase Contrast

Functional Köhler condenser

The fully adjustable Köhler condenser can be rotated out of the optical path, extending the working distance allowing the inspection of voluminous sample vessels.


IM-5 can be customized by choosing the most suitable objectives, in terms of magnification and type, to meet the several needs of users. Objectives are IOS LWD W-PLAN  and IOS LWD W-PLAN PH  (phase contrast). Or you can choose IOS LWD U-PLAN F and IOS LWD U-PLAN F PH (phase contrast), representing the state-of-the-art fluorite lenses that deliver excellent performance in fluorescence and field flatness up to F.N. 25.

MS – a solution to infertility “living world”

Microscopes are increasingly used to observe molecular events, as well as cell components, and this is best done in real-time or by using time lapse footage of the same cells – so called live cell imaging.
PMA demands a high level of skill and careful manipulation of cells under a microscope. An important determining factor to the success of this procedure is the performance of the microscope and manipulator.
By combining an Inverted microscope OPTIKA IM-5 with an Eppendorf Micromanipulation system, the user has the perfect tool for PMA offering high optical performance and a reliable micromanipulator ensuring a perfect working environment.

STI – observing a microscopic “living world”

Microscopes are increasingly used to observe molecular events, as well as cell components, and this is best done in real-time or by using time lapse footage of the same cells – so called live cell imaging.
This type of microscopy requires a very specialised instrumental set-up in order to track movements of molecules or organelles inside the cell or on the membrane.
These movements are easily missed if they are not followed closely within the same cell. That’s why OPTIKA has combined the suitable modular systems for carrying out live cell imaging on any cell, tissue or whole organism culture.


IM-5 ensures significant repeatibility since the level of light intensity set can be seen at any time from the frontal panel in order to reproduce the same conditions. “ECO” button makes the microscope more environmentally sensitive, with automatic switch-off after 20 minutes inactivity.


Model: IM-5

Observation Modes:
Brightfield, Phase Contrast and Darkfield
IOS LWD W-PLAN 4x, 40x, 60x
IOS LWD W-PLAN PH 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
IOS LWD U-PLAN F 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x
IOS LWD U-PLAN F PH 20x, 40x
Field and aperture diaphragms
X-LED5 (5 W), manual brightness control

Some application examples demonstrating the versatility of IM-5 series. Routine applications are extremely facilitated!