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Build the microscope that suites your needs by choosing among the components

M-781 – PL10x/22 eyepiece, high eyepoint, with micrometric scale (10mm/100um) & rubber cup (retractable)
M-1001 – PL10x/22 eyepieces (pair), high eyepoint, with rubber cup (retractable)
M-1003 – PL15x/16 eyepieces (pair), high eyepoint

M-1011 – Trinocular head, three positions (100/0, 50/50, 0/100)
M-1012  – Binocular ERGO head

Discussion Heads
M-1161 – Multi-head attachment, 2 extra head

M-1037 – Gout analysis kit

M-1021B – Main body with focus system and X-LED8 illumination, for general purposes
M-1021B+M-1156*+M-1149 – Main body with motorized focus

M-1042 – Sextuple reversed nosepiece, for RMS objectives with DIC slot
M-1043+M-1156* – Sextuple motorized reversed nosepiece, for RMS objectives with DIC slot

M-1075 – M-1076 – M-1077 – M-1078 – M-1079 – IOS U-PLAN F objectives
M-1060 – M-1061 – M-1062 – M-1063 – M-1064 – IOS W-PLAN F objectives
M-1049 – M-1125 – M-1126- M-1127- M-1128- M-1129- M-1129 – M-1130 – IOS W-PLAN objectives
M-1120.N –M-1121.N –M-1122.N –M-1123.N – IOS W-PLAN PH objectives

M-1140 – Standard mechanical stage
M-1141 – Rackless mechanical stage
M-1143 – MPC (Mineral Solid Surface) rackless mechanical stage
M-1144 – Heating stage, with digital temperature controller 
M-1147+M-1156* – Motorized mechanical stage

M-1150 – 0.90 N.A. swing-out condenser
M-1151 – 1.2 N.A. swing-out condenser
M-1124 – Phase contrast condenser with insert slide 10x-40x
M-1152.N – Phase contrast condenser 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x, BF, DF
M-1155 – 0.9/0.25 N.A. swing-out condenser (to be used with objective M-1049)
M-617.1N – Phase contrast set with IOS W-PLAN objective 40x
M-618 – Darkfield condenser for dry objectives


* Code M-1156 must be added only once for any motorized configuration


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