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B16 camera, 16 MP CMOS, USB2.0

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High resolution, user-friendly camera with 16 MP, CMOS sensor and USB2.0 connection, recommended for basic/general applications in education and home use.
Ready to use on any microscope with direct eyepiece tube connection, thanks to the C-mount projection lens and rings included. Connectable also to all the trinocular tube of different brands using the C-mount projection lens included or additional focusable C-Mount adapter.
Downloadable, free of charge software (Windows, Mac OS or Linux) is always available to enable the latest updates.


» Simple operation, driver-free
» Universal connection to any microscope brand
» Direct eyepiece & trino port connection
» Crisp, high resolution 16 MP images
» Reliable color fidelity
» C-Mount projection lens and rings included
» USB cable and calibration slide included
» Downloadable, free of charge software
» OPTIKA ProView & LiteView for Windows
» OPTIKA LiteView for Mac OS or Linux


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