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Advanced inspection system suitable for intensive use, ideal for video inspection in quality control of electronics, mechanics, and other industrial applications.
IS-4K2 includes the real-time full HD auto-focus camera with relevant zooming capalibilities (optical zoom is 1x…18x).
Crystal clear 4K live view is shown trough a large HD monitor, with incredibly fast connection (30 fps). Its angle of view is fully adjustable and it enables instant focus in less than 1 sec. with no need to constantly adjust lens position. In addition, the working distance goes to infinity, making it the recommended solution to inspect multi-layered objects.
All functions are controlled directly from the screen via a wireless mouse.
Images and videos can be saved on the SD card and easily transferred on any device.
The system is completed by the SZ-STLX boom stand with a special joint to enable any rotation (transversal and longitudinal): the longitudinal movement is through the sliding of the horizontal rail (lockable); whilst also the overall height is both adjustable and lockable.

Type: LCD screen 360° rotating, freely inclinable for ergonomic vision
Size: 15.6”
Power supply: 5V / 4A

Attention, the illustrated base has been replaced and we are updating the documentation.

Type: Coarse simple overhanging
Total height (mm): 380
Base height (mm): 20
Base width (mm): 380
Base depth (mm): 280
Horizontal arm (mm): 460 (overall)
Product Weight (kg): 7

Adjustable tension: Yes
Head holder internal diameter (mm): 76
Pillar diameter (mm): 32
Maximum sample height (mm):270 (from bench)

Accessories Included: LED ringlight, HDMI cable (0,3m), Wireless Mouse, SD card and WiFi Adapter.

HDMI camera resolution (MP): 8
Camera resolution (n° of pixels: W x H): 3840×2160
HDMI signal output: Yes
WiFi signal output: Yes
Sensor size: 1/2.8”
Sensor technology: CMOS
Sensor type: SONY STARVIS
Optical zoom: 1x-18x
Rolling shutter: Yes
Autofocus: Yes
Image format: 16/9
Pixel size (mm): 1.45×1.45
Frame rate full resolution (fps): 30@3840×2160
Camera power: 12V / 3A
Dimensions (mm): 80 x 80 x 116
Weight (Kg): 0,68



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No need to constantly re-adjust the lens focus
1/2.8” CMOS 8MP camera with powerful 1x-18x
Sensor’s main features are the high sensitivity and incredible color fidelity:
save money (no need of external illuminators or ring lights)

On-board controls and cross grid
Variable working distance from 160 to 250mm.
By using a standard W.D. of 160-255 mm the camera can be calibrated and used for linear measurement regardless the zoom factor used. The system automatically “knows” the current zoom factor and performs the correct.
Sliding horizontal rail for longitudinal positioning; adjustable longitudinal limit; adjustable and lockable height.
High-performance boom stand with special joint for customized camera positioning