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Extremely stable and modern stand, equipped with rotatable mirror and X-LED3 transmitted light. Ideal for observing low-contrast samples that cannot be stained. The X-LED3 light source with its high efficiency and no indirect heating is ideal for observing “live” specimens. Tiltable mirror with 2 faces, one smooth and one knurled, to get maximum contrast from your samples.

Transmitted illumination:
X-LED3 disc frosted white and brightness control.
Illuminance: 8,000 lux. Color temperature: 6,300 K.
Multi-plug 100-240Vac/6Vdc external power supply.
Base dimensions: 270×210 mm.
Pillar dimensions: Ø32×280 mm.
Weight: 2.40 kg.

To be used in combination with a focusing mechanism (SZ-A1/A6)

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