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Top-class X-LEDT transmitted light, with geometrically arranged LEDs and freely orientable, flexible double gooseneck X-LED³ incident light The impressive incident illumination generated by the exclusive X-LED³ lighting system located in two flexible gooseneck arms (3.6 W each, for a total of 7.2 W) is combined with an extra-large, settable 12-LED X-LEDT1 disc (2 W, on SZ-ST7) or 60-LED X-LEDT3 disc (4 W, on SZ-ST8) for transmitted illumination

Incident illumination: Two flexible X-LED³ gooseneck arms with white 3.6 W LED/each and brightness control. Illuminance: 170,000 lux (at 10 cm distance). Color temperature: 6,300 K.
Transmitted illumination:
SZ-ST7: 60-LED X-LEDT3 disc with white 4 W LED and brightness control. Illuminance: 8,000 lux. Color temperature: 6,300 K. Multi-plug 100-240Vac/12Vdc external power supply.
Base dimensions: 270×210 mm.
Pillar dimensions: Ø32×280 mm.
Stage: 95 mm dia., translucent and black/white discs with sample clips.
Weight: 2.40 kg.

To be used in combination with a focusing mechanism (SZ-A1/A6)

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