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All-in-one 4K digital imaging system w/15,6″ touch screen monitor

Exclusive, powerful Windows Mini PC combined with 6 MP professional camera with CMOS sensor and to a stunning 15.6” 4K touch screen monitor.

Recommended for lab use thanks to its incomparable vision quality, easy operation, space-saving features and unparalleled comfort.
The unique holding solution for open discussion, whilst the large touch screen provides fast, responsive and smooth control, especially when used in combination with a stylus pen for touch screen monitors (not included).
At any time, the system can be easily detached to be used on different microscopes equipped with c-mount adapters (not included).
Downloadable, free of charge software is always available to enable the latest updates.


» External digital camera connected to Windows Mini PC
» 15.6” touch screen monitor with fast, responsive and smooth control
» Easily detachable, can be used on different microscopes
» An all-in-one solution that you can use like a PC, being Windows-based
» Powerful Intel or AMD processor ensuring top performance and speed
» 4K resolution, vivid color graphic display
» Crisp 6 MP images
» High frame rate
» Reliable color fidelity
» C-mount connection (direct or via dedicated adapter, on any microscope)
» Downloadable, free of charge software
» OPTIKA ProView for Windows