B-510LD1/2 & B-510FL

New Upright Microscopes


Fluorescence microscopy is more than making colorful images in one, two, three or even more colors: it has become the most important phenomenon in modern biology and medicine.

OPTIKA B-510 upright fluorescence microscopes completely match and even exceed the requirements of valuable contrast delivering accurate and reproducible results.

B-510LD1 epi-fluorescence attachment is powered by a high-efficient LED and is considered by all tuberculosis diagnostic laboratories as a replacement for conventional fluorescence microscopes, requiring maintenance and centering.

With B-510LD2 a second filter is included, extending its’ application range with the identification of other fluorochromes like Rhodamine, Texas Red, TRITC among the others.

For research needs a customizable instrument is necessary, exactly like B-510FL.
It includes a four-position slider to support several fluorescence filter cubes including V or UV and OPTIKA Semi-Apochromatic IOS W-PLAN F objectives which are great to detect fluorescence, even in case of weak signals resulting very clear and visible.
These lenses combine superior performance especially in fluorescence with enhanced contrast, granting superior resolution with greater numerical apertures.