New Line of Microscope Cameras


Equipped with the latest technology with more vivid colors and great contrast, OPTIKA new cameras  capture outstanding images up to 20 megapixel image quality, for superb results and vivid details. Designed to ensure excellent color reproduction for beautiful true-to-life and accurate colors, they also provide significantly high frame rates.

Pine stem, Brightfield, with 10x U-PLAN F objective.
OPTIKA camera with breakthrough sensor, after manual white balance.

Pine stem, Brightfield, with 10x U-PLAN F objective.
Conventional camera and sensor, after manual white balance.

Easy to use with any microscope, whatever its’ brand, OPTIKA cameras includes intuitive yet powerful software suites, very flexible, from which the user can decide the ideal software to use according to the needs.

B Series cameras are recommended for educational and routinary applications and representing a cost-effective solution, these cameras can be used on trinocular port, through C-mount connection, and as eyepiece cameras (no need for additional adapters/rings in case of monocular and binocular microscopes).

PRO Series fulfills each application demand both in case of standard and special applications, depending by the model. Choose cameras from the wide selection from routine up to high-end cooled monochrome or color cameras, with CMOS or CCD sensors. Cameras for special applications, and requiring different observation methods, offers particularly high sensitivity, low noise and large dynamic range are required.

Discover the incredible capabilities of OPTIKA software suites designed to exceed the expectations of basic, experienced and professional users from simple live-view and image/video capturing up to advanced functions like white/black balancing, multi-channel fluorescence, pixel shift, HDR, EDF, stitching & tiling, measurements and customized report generator.
No matter if you work on Windows, Mac OS or Linux operating systems.