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Build the microscope that suites your needs by choosing among the components


M-781 – PL10x/22 eyepiece, high eyepoint, with micrometric scale (10mm/100um) & rubber cup (retractable)
M-1001 – PL10x/22 eyepieces (pair), high eyepoint, with rubber cup (retractable)
M-1003 – PL15x/16 eyepieces (pair), high eyepoint

M-1011 – Trinocular head, three positions (100/0, 50/50, 0/100)
M-1012  – Binocular ERGO head

M-1039MD – Metallurgical attachment, 18 W LED (Built-in MET nosepiece with 6-positions)

1021MD – Metallographic system for incident brightfield and darkfield observation 18 W LED, and transmitted illumination X-LED8

M-1021MD+M-1156*+M-1149 – Main body with motorized focus
M-1022MD – Metallographic system for incident-only brightfield and darkfield observation 18 W LED
M-1022MD+M-1156*+M-1149 – Main body with motorized focus


M-1171 – M-1172 – M-1173 – M-1174 – M-1175 – IOS LWD U-PLAN F MET objectives
M-1099 – M-1100 – M-1101 – M-1102– M-1103– M-1104 – IOS LWD U-PLAN MET objectives

M-1094 – M-1095 – M-1096 -M-1097 – M-1098 – IOS LWD U-PLAN MET BD  objectives
M-1109 – M-1110 – M-1111 – M-1112– M-1113– M-1114 – IOS LWD W-PLAN MET BD objectives

M-1147+M-1156* – Motorized mechanical stage
M-1148 – Metallurgical stage with glass, for metallurgical model

M-1154 – 0.70 N.A. swing-out MET condenser


* Code M-1156 must be added only once for any motorized configuration


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